Our Work


Development Support

The Back Bay Association provides support for development projects in the Back Bay area. By working with developers, neighborhood associations, and city officials, we ensure that businesses have the opportunity to grow in a way that supports the economic vitality of Back Bay.  During the past 10 years, our support has led to the addition of more than one million square feet of new development in the neighborhood.

Through advocating for development projects that meet the needs of both the business community and the neighborhood, the Back Bay Association ensures that Back Bay remains a thriving commercial and residential district.



Back Bay Security Network

The Back Bay Security Network is a working group of retail, shopping, offices, and hotels in the area. It enhances communication, crime prevention and emergency preparedness coordination between the members of the Back Bay Security Network and local public safety agencies. The Back Bay Association plays an integral role in the integration of area businesses into this network.



Representation on the following Civic Committees

  • Back Bay Architectural Commission
  • Boston Groundwater Trust
  • Prudential Center’s Prupac
  • Park Plaza Civic Advisory Committee
  • Boston Finance Commission
  • Berkley Master Plan Advisory Committee
  • Christian Science Citizens Advisory Committee
  • Stuart Street Advisory Committee
  • Citizens Advisory Committee for Air Rights Development