Delicious New Desserts Debut at Oak Long Bar + Kitchen

OAK Long Bar + Kitchen’s pastry chef, Lindsay Le Blanc has introduced two dishes to the restaurant’s dessert menu.

The cheesecake and pie join her popular Bourbon Bread Pudding and sweet snacks (think gourmet twinkies) on the menu.

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE |slow roasted strawberries, whipped goat cheese, graham cracker |$9

Made with cheese from Vermont Creamery in Websterville, VT, the strawberry cheesecake features strawberries three ways: fresh and baked inside the cheesecake, slow roasted and dehydrated on the plate.

“The pairing is a take on the traditional flavor combination of strawberry and goat cheese, which works very well together,” says Chef Le Blanc.  “Although cheesecake is considered a heavy dessert, the fruitiness of the strawberries lightens up the dish making it a perfect summer addition to the menu.”


CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE |dark chocolate, vanilla bean chantilly |$9

Chocolate cream pie is a childhood favorite!” Chef Le Blanc says.  “Growing up in New Jersey, I would always order this pie off the diner menu. Instead of the customary pudding base style, my creation has more of a ganache base that adds decadence to the classic dessert.”

And decadent it is: Chef Le Blanc’s chocolate cream pie is made with a 50/50 blend of rich 70% dark chocolate and milk chocolate for the perfect chocolate indulgence.





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