Cook Better, Live Better: Food and Film – Italian-American Classics at Eataly @ Eataly
Mar 20 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Food and Film

In both Italian and Italian-American films, scenes that feature a specific food or traditional dish stand the test of time in the hearts of movie lovers. Who can forget Clemenza teaching Michael Corleone how to prepare tomato sauce with sausage and meatballs in The Godfather? Back in Italy, Alberto Sordi famously devours a plate of maccheroni wearing a baseball cap in the iconic and hilarious film, Un Americano a Roma. These films all reaffirm the importance of food in Italian culture as a means of bringing family and friends together. To have a good meal is one of life’s pure enjoyments that is so thoroughly and infinitely understood by Italians, and at Eataly, we like to share this sentiment with our guests.



Join us at La Scuola for our first class about food in films. The class menu will be based on the Italian American mafia classics, The Godfather and Goodfellas, where mobsters expertly prepare a “Sunday sauce” and Sicilian cannolis are never left behind in a heist. In this class, guests will:

  • Help prepare a meal based on the famous food scenes from The Godfather and Goodfellas
  • Participate in a hands-on cooking experience with La Scuola’s chef
  • Enjoy three courses with paired wines
  • Learn more about wine and wine pairing from and Eataly sommelier
  • Take home menu, adapted recipes, and wine tasting notes
Terra Wine Dinner Series: A Roman Holiday @ Terra at Eataly Boston
Mar 20 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
A roman style wine dinner at Terra, one of Boston’s most beautiful new restaurants
Terra at Eataly Boston Wine Dinner

Photo: Eataly

Join Terra on Tuesday, March 20 for a Roman-style wine dinner featuring both classic dishes (and some with a unique, modern twist!) from Italy’s capital. Chef Dan Bazzinotti and Beverage Director Jessica Brennan have worked together to develop an exquisite five-course menu that highlights both wines indigenous to the region as well as local ingredients in dishes such as Carciofi alla Romana and Quaglia con Farro.

This Roman food and wine celebration will be $140 per person (including gratuity!) and has limited seating so book now!



Carciofi alla Romana
baby artichokes, lemon, mint
Casale del Giglio, Lazio Petit Manseng 2014

Saltimbocca di Mare
Local sea scallops, Tanara 24 month prosciutto di Parma, sage
Monastero Suore Cistercensi, Coenobium 2015

Quaglia con Farro
Grilled Cavendish quail, farro, puntarella,  smoked orange oil
Monastero Suore Cistercensi, Benedic 2015

Raviolo alla Vaccinara
Roman Oxtail, smoked tomato, pine nuts, raisins, cocoa
Falesco, Montiano 2014

Torta di Pignole 
honey pinenut tart with creme fraiche
​Paolucci, Amaro CioCiaro

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