MIT Saferide OnDemand Invites Feeback

On February 12, MIT launched SafeRide OnDemand, a late-night service that provides after-hours transportation door-to-door for MIT students, faculty, and staff. It was developed with input from neighborhood associations representing areas serviced by the current SafeRide Shuttle and the new on-demand service, and was approved by the City of Boston Transportation Department.

The new SafeRide service hours are as follows:

Fixed-Route Service OnDemand Service
Start End Start End
Sunday – Wednesday 6 pm 11 pm 11 pm 2:30 am*
Thursday – Saturday 6 pm 11 pm 11 pm 3:30 am*


* NOTE: Ride requests for OnDemand shuttles will be accepted until 15 minutes before the service ends (2:15 am Sunday-Wednesday; 3:15 am Thursday-Saturday).

The new service operates in the footprint of the current SafeRide route, and utilizes a mobile app to hail a shuttle, much like popular ride-sharing services. MIT is mindful that their shuttles must operate quietly at all times, especially during OnDemand hours. With that goal in mind, the vehicles used for late-night service are quieter, gas-powered (not diesel) vans.

Nonetheless, MIT wants to hear comments and suggestions from residents in the service areas. To submit a comment, please use this online form, which will be routed to the appropriate staff in MIT’s Parking and Transportation Office for attention and, if requested, a response. At the end of this academic year, comments and questions will be used to help assess the success of this program.

MIT is grateful to their neighbors who have welcomed MIT students into their neighborhoods for more than 100 years. They hope this service helps to keep their students safe and is as unobtrusive as possible to residents in the service area.