One of the Best Cocktails in the World is at OAK Long Bar

Time Out recently named OAK’s Smoke Chai Manhattan on their list of best cocktails in the world.

From Time Out

“Way before the current trend for Instagrammable drinks served in a cloud of smoke, the Smoked Chai Manhattan was warming Bostonians through the city’s frigid winters. It’s been the signature cocktail at the OAK Long Bar + Kitchen for five years, and it’s not just smoke and mirrors: a perfect balance of chai rum, rye whiskey and bénédictine, it’s poured into a snifter filled with smoke from cedar wood, and blowtorched on the bar or tableside, bringing enough theatre to jazz up any boozing session. Make like a Boston Brahmin and order this spirit-forward sipper inside the city’s historic Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel.”

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