Service Bar Chat with Bistro du Midi’s Ray Osborn

From Boston Chefs

If you’ve paid a visit to Bistro du Midi in the past five years, chances are you’ve crossed paths with Ray Osborne.

He’s worked his way through the ranks on both the restaurant and beverage management side of things, and here he opens up about which type of drink order is the toughest to craft, why gin gets him giddy and his new life as a dad.

Where do you work now? What’s your position? Where else have you worked in the last five years? 

I have been with Bistro du Midi since 2012 and am currently the Head Sommelier and Assistant General Manager.

What’s your favorite drink to make (or wine or beer to pour)? Least favorite?

My favorite drink to pour is anyone’s first drink of the meal. As you’re shaking, pouring or pulling a tap, you know that that first drink is going to hit the spot for the guest. I don’t really have a least favorite order, other than the request to approximate a drink someone can’t remember. It’s a little harder to make that kind of experience perfect.

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