Spotlight On: The Bar Method

Boston Back Bay sat down with Stephanie Smith, owner of The Bar Method at Newbury and Clarendon to learn more about the studio and the philosophy behind the workout.



How did The Bar Method come about and how did it come to Back Bay?

Founder Burr Leonard, an avid lover of ballet and jazz classes, discovered the Lotte Berk Method while living in New York in 1981. She became a devoted student and noticed an incredible transformation in her body. Working side-by-side with a team of physical therapists, Burr honed the method to make it safer for the joints and to more effectively target the muscles. The product of her passionate work created The Bar Method.

In 2001 Burr opened the very first flagship studio in San Francisco, California. Their loyal clients loved the workout and sense of community so much that they started asking to open their own studios. Burr loved the idea of helping women follow their passion and become entrepreneurs, so she helped oversee the opening of the first franchised studios in California. The buzz for The Bar Method quickly spread across the country and studios opened next in New Jersey, Chicago, New York and right here in Boston. Today there are more than 100 studios owned by inspiring entrepreneurs across the United States and Canada. The Bar Method Boston has been on Clarendon St. since 2011 and opened a studio in the Financial District in 2015.

Why did you choose Back Bay as a home for The Bar Method?

The Back Bay is truly the heart of Boston and always will be!  There are so many retail opportunities here and a constant source of consumers visiting the city daily. No matter the season, the Back Bay is the perfect place to experience quintessential Boston and New England. There is a strong sense of community here that I am proud to be part of.

There are so many different fitness programs to choose from today.  Why choose The Bar Method?

The Bar Method stands out from other barre classes due to its intense training program.  It was developed with physical therapists to ensure each exercise is safe and effective. Our instructors go through 3-5 months of training where they learn modifications for different injuries and prenatal clients.  Our students receive personal adjustments based on their needs. It’s a workout that’s safe and sustainable for life!

What can we expect when we walk in for our first class?

Our space has large bay windows that bring in a lot of natural light, which creates a warm and welcoming environment. Upon arrival, clients will be greeted by the front desk and directed to the locker rooms which include bathrooms, showers and ample amenities. From there, clients head to the studio for class.  Students will get a full body workout with adjustments and motivation from the instructor to ensure clients are in the proper form and engaging the right muscles throughout class.  We strive for clients to have a positive experience while working hard and having fun!

Visit The Bar Method at 234 Clarendon Street or by clicking here!