How to Support Local Businesses During the COVID-19 Crisis

Even while self-quarantining, there are countless ways that you can support local businesses and the employees that rely on them. 

From ordering takeout to purchasing gift cards for  the manicure, date night, or shopping trip that you’ll enjoy once the coronavirus danger has passed, there are a multitude of safe, effective ways that everyone can support local restaurants, retail shops, and service businesses.  We encourage you to do as much as you can — local businesses, and our neighbors that reply on them for their livelihood, need your support now more than ever.  

Restaurants & Food Service
How to order takeout and delivery meals and order gift cards for later use.

How to order online from your favorite local retailers and order gift cards for later use

Service Providers
How to access virtual services and purchase gift cards for future use from local salons, florists, real estate agencies, banks, and more.

Which hotels are open, which are closed, and how you support all of your favorite Back Bay stays.