Welcome to Hawkins at Precinct Kitchen + Bar

Now through November 16, Stranger Things are happening at Precinct Kitchen + Bar

Precinct Kitchen + Bar will be transformed to Hawkins, Indiana, inspired by Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Lucas and Will’s favorite places and “Things.” The bar and patio of PK+B will feature all of the awesomeness 80’s fans would expect for an authentic trip to Hawkins.

Guests will have a chance to shake things up as the high scorer on our classic arcade games. Rumor has it that Ms. Pac Man and Space Invaders are ripe for dominating! The pop-up will also prominently feature “The Upside Down,” the strange parallel dimension to our own human world. The Upside Down at PK+B is a bit more fun and tasty than it was on the show. Enjoy the shadowy décor and savor Dustin’s Pizza, Strange Popcorn, and 11’s Sliders (Deep Fried Chicken, Malted Waffle, Maple Bourbon Butter).

Barb may have been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her character in season 1 of Stranger Things, but she will be properly honored at PK+B. The “Justice for Barb” cocktail will warm you up from the demodogs’ affinity for cold temperatures with barrel-aged Laird’s Applejack and Woodford Reserve bourbon, served in a souvenir cup dedicated to Barb. Other cocktails that may whet your whistle include The Banana Seat, Cotton Candy Cosmo, and Eleven (a smoky little number, obviously with an Eggo garnish).
Come for the weekly dance parties. A DJ will be spinning 80’s tunes every Friday and Saturday nights, including Halloween. Costumes are encouraged.

***Bring home some history! Guests can purchase Welcome to Hawkins baseball tees for $25 and the Hawkins Bundle (Baseball-tee, branded lunch box and mug) for $50. A portion of the proceeds from the shirts will be donated to CCD Smiles. ***