Welcoming Cynthia Britt Custom Jewelry Creations

Welcoming Cynthia Britt to the Back Bay Association

Cynthia Britt Custom Jewelry Creations (45 Newbury Street) is high-end custom jewelry designer specializing in bridal jewelry.  Cynthia  has been recognized for her exceptional work by countless companies, including Rolls Royce, and Boston magazine.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring or occasion jewelry or to refresh a piece that you already own, Cynthia will work directly with you to choose your stones and design your piece.  Her process is unique, with a meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to the desires of her clients, culminating in a one of a kind work of art, inspired by the personality of the client.

Cynthia first sketches designs that are suitable for your hand, style, chosen gem, and budget. Once the sketch is finalized, she creates a wax model for trial and fit.  Once the model is approved, she fabricates the final piece of jewelry in your desired metal, set with your desired gems. The end result is more than a piece of jewelry: it’s an heirloom, a sparkling testament to your love for the person who will wear the piece forever.  For more on Cynthia’s process, watch the video below.



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