Welcoming Forme Barre Fitness

Welcoming Forme Barre Fitness to the Back Bay Association


Looking to change up your fitness routine? Look no further than Newbury Street newcomer Forme Barre Fitness, the studio that promises results by lengthening and strengthening your muscles — for all fitness levels.

Combining elements of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training, one 60-minute Forme Barre class will intensively train and stretch your muscles for a stronger, more flexible physique. Using isometric holds (i.e. holding a position until your muscles literally “feel the burn”) and light weights, the Forme Method is known for its experienced, seasoned instructors who take pride in their ability to ensure everyone achieves their optimal results. 

“Having grown up in Boston, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to open Forme Barre Fitness in Boston’s Back Bay and continue to see many of our seasonal Nantucket clients year-round,” said Christina Schwefel, Owner of Forme Barre Fitness. “We are excited to be joining this elite grouping of retail and wellness offerings on Newbury Street.”

Visit Forme Barre Fitness at 338 Newbury Street or learn more by clicking here.